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Madrid will host a mental health and funeral issues breakfast on April 19

Stimulus will organize a breakfast next Wednesday, April 19, at the Jacqueline Hub Barcelo to look at the challenges facing the sector in the field of mental health. It will work together with different experts in occupational risk prevention.

The propolis sector, like other economic sectors, faces a moment of great change. Increase in costs due to inflation, supply and logistics crises, increase in e-commerce and digital consumption habits are some of them.

This draws an uncertain future panorama that involves the approach of certain challenges across the sector. All of these changes, added to the commercial pressure to which professionals are subjected and the increasing importance of customer service, creates the perfect breeding ground for the mental health problems of workers.

Stimulus to manage these changes and doing so while taking care of the health of employees, Stimulus organized a breakfast aimed at human resources managers and those responsible for the areas of prevention, health and benefit companies in the region. .

It will take place on Wednesday, April 19, at 9:00 am at Impact Hub Barceló, Calle de Serrano Anguita, 13. .

Carlos Toni, consultant for Stimuli Spain, who will speak about occupational health and safety in the province.

There will also be a round table in which different experts will share the experiences and resources of organizations to draw out challenges in terms of mental health.

Juan Jesús García Nieto, HSEQ-Quality, Environment and Quality Prevention Pascual, Armando José Gómez Rey, head of prevention service at Fnac Spain, and Nuria Chico Díaz, Health & Risk Prevention Health & Safety at Desigual will discuss the various ways in which these The changes can be addressed in such a way that they have the least impact on the mental health of the employees. Christine Loos, general director of Stimuli Spain, will be in charge of coordinating the round table.

The events of the agenda

8, 45-9: 00 reception and registration hours9:00-9:30 am: LUNCH, COURSE AND PRESENTATION OF THE CONVENTION9:30-10:30 AM, PRESENTATION: BEING HEALTHY AND WELL IN RETAIL
The elements and the context to which it is exposed.
Be exposed to dangers: external force and stress
Speaker: Carlos Toni, Management Consultant. Spain Spain10:30 – 11:30: TABLE AROUND
Juan Jesús García Nieto, HSEQ-Quality, Environment and Prevention Calidad Pascual
Armando José Gómez Rey, Head of Prevention Service Fnac Spain
Nuria Chico Díaz, Safety & Risk Prevention, Safety & Security at Desigual
Moderator: Christine Loos, CEO of Stimuli Spain

The event is free, but places are limited.

You can sign up for free here: https://humanandwork.typeform.com/retailjornada

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