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Young hacker “Alcasec” jailed for accessing 575,186 Spanish taxpayer tax data

Young hacker Jose Luis Huertas, known as ‘Alcasec’ managed to hack the databases of the Tax Agency in Spain.

Jose Luis Calama, the judge of the Audiencia Nacional, this Monday, April 3, sent Jose Luis Huertas, known as ‘Alcasec’, to provisional prison. The young hacker was suspected of hacking last October into the Neutral Point where information from all the courts in Spain is kept. He allegedly accessed the bank details of 575,186 taxpayers.

Huertas was arrested by the police last weekend and appeared in court on Monday. According to legal sources of larazon.es, he was accused of an alleged continuous crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets,

The alleged acts were carried out on October 18 and 20 when the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) detected a cyber-attack through the passwords of two officials of the administration of Justice. They had subsequently been used as a springboard to access the databases of the Tax Agency.

In the prison order, the head of examining magistrate’s court No4 of the Audiencia Nacional explained that the data were transferred to two servers hosted in Lithuania. ‘Alcasec’ sold the personal data of multiple affected people through the uSms platform paid through cryptocurrencies.

This money ended up in the wallets of the investigated. Until this moment, the case had been held under the secrecy of summary proceedings. Huertas’ arrest was first announced by El Mundo, and was made by the General Information Police, although ‘Alcasec’ had already been on the radar of the officers for other cyberattacks.

Source: euroweeklynews