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Shakira moves family to Miami from Gerard Piqué’s Spain: “Friendship outlasts love”

Whenever, wherever, Shakira will always remember her time in Spain.

In an emotional post to Instagram, the Colombian singer paid homage to the city in which she raised her children with ex-partner Gerard Piqué. She and her two sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, are moving to Miami.

“I settled in Barcelona to give my children stability, the same that we are now looking for in another corner of the world near family, friends and the sea. Today we begin a new chapter in pursuit of their happiness,” she wrote in a post translated to English from Spanish.

“Thank you to everyone who surfed alongside my many waves in Barcelona, the city where I learned without doubt that friendship is more lasting than love.”

“Thanks to everyone who has been there to cheer me up, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow,” she wrote, referencing the challenging year she has endured.

“Thank you to my Spanish fans who have always surrounded me with their love and loyalty. For you, this is just a ‘See you later!’ and like my father said so many times, ‘See you around the curves!’”

Shakira and Piqué were together for 12 years before splitting this summer.  

Piqué previously played for FC Barcelona before retiring last fall.

“We have signed a custody agreement,” the two said in a joint statement provided to Fox News Digital in November. “Our sole objective is to provide our children with the utmost security and protection and hope that they can continue with their lives in a safe and calm environment. We appreciate that their privacy will be respected.”

Piqué’s lawyer, Ramón Tamborero, said his client made “a very important sacrifice” in agreeing to the move. “Gerard has finally agreed to allow his children to live in the U.S. for their well-being, a primary reason and one that was always in the first place …A judicial decision would only have brought pain. In reality, no one has won here except the children.”

Rumors surrounding infidelity on Piqué’s part swirled after the couple announced their split. According to Page Six, fans noticed that Piqué’s now girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, was in the background of a Zoom he had done back in 2021.

A source close to Shakira told the outlet that the Grammy Award-winning singer had been “devastated to learn that this woman clearly felt at home in the house they shared with their children.”

Upon her departure from Spain, Shakira also shared a photo from the sky. She captioned the photo, also translated to English, “But things aren’t always like we dream it. Sometimes we run, but we don’t arrive. Never doubt that I will be here.”

Since the split, Shakira has traveled to the United States on several occasions with her boys. 

Last summer Shakira and her sons were greeted by the Los Angeles Dodgers. She wrote on Instagram, “Thanks to the @dodgers for making my kids feel at home.”

Source: foxnews