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Ukraine Crisis Should Be Solved Under Un Framework, Says Brazilian President

“Re-enacting the Cold War would be foolish,” Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Sunday, calling for settling the Ukraine crisis under a framework of the United Nations.

Lula made the remarks at the just-concluded Group of Seven (G7) summit working session as an invited state leader.

The Ukraine crisis should be discussed under a framework of the United Nations rather than the G7, he noted at a press conference on Monday, criticizing the U.S. government for inciting tensions.

The Brazilian president told the press that the U.S. administration’s aid to Ukraine and unbridled attacks on Russia are not helping to solve the Ukraine crisis peacefully.

In his Sunday speech whose full text is published on Brazil’s government website, Lula said Brazil seeks a multipolar order that can “benefit all.”

The challenges to peace and security now plaguing the world go far beyond Europe, he said, stressing that Israelis and Palestinians, Yemenis, Syrians, and people in many other countries and regions all deserve to live in peace. “These conflicts should receive the same degree of international attention.”

This year, the G7 invited leaders of countries such as Brazil and a number of international organizations seeking cooperation with the so-called “Global South.” Demonstrations against the U.S.-manipulated summit took place at multiple locations across Japan.