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MV Agusta Expands Dealer Network In Spain Under KTM Group

Not long ago, KTM and MV Agusta stirred up quite a lot of conversation in the motorcycle industry. The two brands have been in a partnership for quite some time now, however, in May, 2023, it became clear that KTM wanted to increase its stake in the Italian company. Rumors went around, and the Austrian firm eventually announced that it had acquired a 25.1-percent share of the company. 

Following that, multiple sources suggested that KTM had intentions of further increasing its stake in MV Agusta, although at present, the 25.1 percent stake in the company persists, along with the KTM Group taking over the distribution of MV Agusta’s motorcycles in multiple markets. We already know that KTM will handle distribution of MV Agusta’s bikes in North America, and we previously reported that the same was true for Japan. This time around, MV Agusta is expanding its dealership network in Spain, again, with the help of KTM. KTM Invests in MV Agusta

At present, the Italian brand has locations in key municipalities in the Spanish market: Algete, Berango, Las Palmas, and Marbella. It goes without saying that this will increase in the months and years to come, as KTM has built quite a solid presence, not only in the Spanish market, but the rest of the world, as well. Naturally, thanks to this, MV Agusta can expect quite a surge in demand, especially when you factor in the brand’s intentions of tapping the middleweight segment. 

To address the foreseen spike in demand, MV Agusta previously announced that it was expanding its R&D and production facility in Varese, Italy. The iconic Italian manufacturer hopes to boost capacity in order to produce 15,000 motorcycles a year. As for the Spanish market, MV Agusta has updated its website and now features the complete model range consisting of the Brutale, Dragster, Turismo Veloce, F3, and Superveloce. All these models are expected to be made continuously available in Spain, alongside quality after-sales service. 

For more information on existing MV Agusta dealerships all across the globe, please visit MV Agusta’s official website linked below. The number of dealerships across the globe will surely increase given KTM’s involvement in the brand’s distribution, so it’ll certainly be exciting to see what MV Agusta has in store in the coming months.

Source : Ride A Part