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Spain CO2 Emissions Up 5.7% In 2022

Beyond the constant propaganda, greenwashing… the post-Covid economic reopening and growth (by 5.5%) led to an increase in emissions (also up 5.7%) according to the Sustainability Observatory.

Spanish carbon market emissions in 2022 grew by 9%, accounting for 34.1% of the country’s total emissions (which grew by an estimated 5.7%). In Europe, by contrast, emissions in the market in 2022 decreased by 7%.
(In 2021, something similar happened: Europe decreased market emissions by 5% and Spain increased them by 3%).

Spain accounts for 8% of total ETS market emissions and is the fourth country in Europe 28. It comes after Germany, Poland and Italy, but is ahead of France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and others.

Spanish greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production increased by 24%, so we cannot speak of progress in decarbonisation in 2022, which was a year of strong economic growth, in the order of 5.5%, and marked by a strong recovery, even greater than in 2021, after the enormous impact of Covid19, where the increases in greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation sector, 108%, fossil fuels 20%, oil refineries 6% can be observed. Alos observable are the decreases in the rest of the sectors: glass down by 3%, chemicals 4%, cement 9%, steel 10%, lime 10%, ceramics 13% and paper 22%.

Looking at the top 20 companies, they already account for 72.5% of carbon market emissions and 24.5% of the country’s total emissions. If we go to the first 50 companies, we see that they reach 86% of the carbon market emissions and 29.1% of the country’s total emissions in 2022.

Source : The Corner