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Spain Rescues 114 Migrants Off Canary Islands

A total of 30,705 migrants have reached the Canary Islands in the Atlantic in the first 10 months of this year, nearing a full-year record set in 2006, data from Spain’s Interior Ministry showed on Thursday.

The number of people risking the perilous crossing from Africa represented an 111% increase from the same period of last year and accounted for the bulk of the total of 43,290 arrivals to Spain by sea, which was about 66% higher, the data showed.

The archipelago, which lies around 100 km (60 miles) off Africa’s west coast, had its previous peak in 2006, when 31,678 migrants arrived as other routes to Europe were blocked off.

Arrivals have spiked as milder weather and calmer seas since September usually make attempts of crossing more feasible. The archipelago’s seven islands have become the main destination for migrants from Senegal and other African countries trying to reach Spain, fleeing conflict or in search of better economic conditions.

Source: Yahoo Finance